Convert UK Postcodes to Latitude and Longitude


Each postcode has a physical location, and it can represent an address-level location. In fact, most of time, people use postcode as their physical location, even it is not precisely. Also, We can easily have geographic (latitude/longtitude) data based on postcodes rather than street name by using Google Map API. Thus, we will have the potential to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to carry out detailed analysis and modelling, as well as simply viewing the data.

Simply use tool below to convert UK Postcodes to their longitude and latitude. Batch converting is supported.

  • Input postcodes into the left text box, and make postcode separated by a new line
  • Click "UK Postcode(s)-->Lat & Long" button
  • The right text box should have comma (as default, you can change the delimiter) separated geographic information.

Input and Output

Output (Lan & Long)
Latitude: 55.053203, Longitude: -2.768555
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