Special postcodes


Postcodes are usually allocated solely for logistical convenience, however there are a few informal exceptions.

Britain's constitutional hierarchy is unofficially reflected in the ordering of the following three postcodes:

Postcode Location
SW1A 0AA House of Commons (pre-eminent democratic chamber; see table below for House of Lords)
SW1A 1AA Buckingham Palace (official residence of head of state)
SW1A 2AA 10 Downing Street (official residence of head of government)

Organisations which receive enough post to justify having a dedicated postcode also, in a small proportion of cases, have their organisation name reflected in the last part of the code. Prominent examples include:

Postcode Organisation
BS98 1TL TLicensing
BX1 1LT Lloyds TSB Bank (non-geographic address)
BX3 2BB Barclays Bank (non-geographic address)
BX5 5AT VAT Central Unit of HM Revenue and Customs (non-geographic address). 5 is roman numeral "V", so 5AT = VAT.
CF99 1NA National Assembly for Wales
DE99 3GG Egg Banking
DH98 1BT British Telecom
DH99 1NS National Savings certificates administration
E16 1XL ExCeL London
N1 9GU GUardian newspaper
E98 1NW News of the World newspaper
E98 1SN The Sun newspaper
E98 1ST The Sunday Times newspaper
E98 1TT The Times newspaper
EC2N 2DB Deutsche Bank
EC4Y 0HQ Royal Mail Group Ltd headquarters (relocated from EC1V 9HQ)
EH99 1SP Scottish Parliament
G58 1SB National Savings Bank (the district number 58 also approximates the outline of the initials SB)
GIR 0AA Girobank, subsequently Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank (non-geographic postcode)
IV21 2LR Two Lochs Radio (radio station in Gairloch, using all three characters of inbound code)
L30 4GB Girobank (alternative geographic postcode)
LS98 1FD First Direct bank
NG80 1EH Experian Embankment House
NG80 1LH Experian Lambert House
NG80 1RH Experian Riverleen House
NG80 1TH Experian Talbot House
NG80 1ZZ Experian Landmark House
N81 1ER Electoral Reform Services Limited
S2 4SU Sheffield United F.C.
S6 1SW Sheffield Wednesday F.C.
SE1 8UJ Union Jack Club
SE9 2UG University of Greenwich, Avery Hill Campus
SN38 1NW Nationwide Building Society
SW1A 0PW House of Lords (Palace of Westminster; see table above for House of Commons)
SW1W 0DT The Daily Telegraph newspaper (relocated from E14 5DT)
W1D 4FA The Football Association
W1J 5UB UBS Wealth Management
W1N 4DJ BBC Radio 1 (reference to "disc jockey"; actual postcode for Yalding House, W1W 6AJ, also accepted by Royal Mail)